What Are The Technology Trends For 2014?


What can we expect about technology in the coming years? What is IT technology trends? We need to be informed about what companies are doing, what technologies to invest in and how they are using technology.

Some trends are not new, as the so-called Internet of things and cloud computing, but others are very new, like 3D printing and Software Defined Networking. All of these technologies will greatly impact on it in 2014. This is approximately 30 billion connected devices with unique IP products to addresses in 2020, most of which.

Go to four main forces: social, mobile, cloud and information, to change, to create new opportunities and generate demand for modern infrastructure.

Among the trends, what opportunities HE in the coming years, we first WebRTC (Real Time Communication) technology, which allows real-time collaboration via the Internet. Using this technology, each browser can components with video, instant messaging, voice calls, without requiring the user to install any.

In addition, users, services based on context change how people interact with devices, so for storing information about users, so we have more accurate information in a timely manner.

The Internet of things and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications provide a link between people, processes, data and objects, combining video, mobility, cloud, big data and machine-to-machine Communications (M2M). Using Internet of things devices part of the material world, such as roads, supermarkets, biomedical devices and animals and even people, using sensors that generate terabytes of data.

Another trend to be video technology ultra-high definition ( 4k – 8k – 2160p and 4320p ), which is a significant part of smartphones, augmented reality glasses, tablets and other devices with a camera. In addition, analysis of technologies that allow real-time process data can be applied in seconds or minutes, in areas such as business intelligence, ranging from financial analysis tools to different segments such as advertising or transport, and buildings-the value of data in real time.

Also changes in the connection technology is required. Currently the system is not reliable enough, so that the expected growth of connected devices. New proposals designed to replace the infrastructure based on IP technology based on the use of Named Data Networking ( NDN ), which allow to transport information through the use of a hostname instead of an address.

Another approach is software-defined technologies (SD-X, software-Defining), which go beyond network virtualization (SDN and NFV) to increase scalability of virtual and physical resources. It should be noted that the network can also be managed from the viewpoint of system configuration, security, optimization and Troubleshooting using technology or Autonomous networks SON (Self-Organizing Networks).

In the public, private and hybrid clouds, these clouds will be dynamic environments and multi-vendor. New technologies, such as Inter Cloud allows cloud service providers within multiple environments.

In the end, the most important technology trends for 2014 mobile device Diversity Management-applications and mobile applications that print All software technologies, smart machines, 3D, Internet of things, cloud and hybrid it as a service corridor.

With regard to Mobile device management, an unexpected result from programs that “Bring your Own Device” (BYOD) that the size of the mobile workforce in companies double and triple rooms. It is expected that by 2018 a variety of devices, computing styles, contexts and user interaction-paradigms, strategies “everything and everywhere” needs to be revised. The company to define policies that will meet the expectations, it is clear what to do and what is not, balance flexibility with confidentiality and privacy.

In addition, because increasing the performance of JavaScript the browser is the most important environment for developing enterprise applications. Applications will be reduced continues to grow, while applications start. Apps are small and focused on specific needs, while application and more complete. In the coming years, it is expected that mobile apps and cloud services and merged, forming the so-called Internet application or app Internet applications. These apps use memory and processing power of computers, smartphones and tablets, as well as scalability of cloud applications to interact with other applications and devices. Mobile applications and cloud platforms provide a lesser TCO (total cost of ownership).

Software-Defined Software incorporates initiatives like OpenStack, OpenFlow, the Open Compute Project and Open Rack, share a similar vision. SDN-network technology providers, SDDC data centers, storage and infrastructure SDS SDI are all trying to keep their lead in their respective domains.

About Smart cars by 2020 to increase the age of intelligent machines, intelligent personal assistants, smart consultant, advanced global industrial structures and public availability of the first examples of Autonomous vehicles. The company continues to invest in intelligent machines. These machines users are able to improve against the first wave of early purchases of companies.

It was expected that global sales of 3D printers increase by 75% in 2014; the revenue will double by 2015. 3D printing is an effective medium that will reduce costs in the prototypes.

Today it is to connect not only computers and mobile devices directly to the network. There are many other devices such as cars, TVs. We are in the time of digitization of basic services and the active substance. The Internet of things will be an important role in this period.

Counting on cloud computing, hybrid cloud and it as service provider technologies is a job. Personal and external private clouds come together, the growth of cloud services brokers (CSBs). It is the aggregation of the control, integration and adaptation services will be important.

To change about the architecture of Cloud computing cloud computing model. The requirements of the mobile users are the driving force behind increasing computing server and storage solutions. Personal cloud will change from device-services. Users can use a variety of devices including PC but not on a specific device.

Finally, it should be noted that business intelligence was considered to be one of the technologies where a large change is required. BI technologies value creation in large companies; data mining and reporting tools become more sophisticated. In a tough economy, business intelligence, managers can justify the business decisions associated with specific numbers.

We came to the conclusion that the Internet of things, 3D printing technologies, associated with mobile device management and Cloud Service brokers are a few technical operations that will eventually explode in the next year. They are high impact and distribution in most enterprises in the next three years.


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