The New Economy of Entrepreneurship: How the Computer Age Has Changed How We Earn a Living


The world is changing faster than ever. What used to take several decades, now of months or years. And as a result of these changes, we have two impending crises, which was elderly at the retirement-crisis and College degree employment crisis.

Rumor has it that working for corporate America is not a safe place. We saw our friends to dismiss or, maybe we were discharged. Many of those who still had jobs, reduce their wages. Why Americans are overworked and underpaid, and they seem to have less time and less freedom.

And that something is wrong with society, if we can measure at the national level, 35% increase in the chances of heart attack every Monday morning when people are rushing to their jobs.

Starting with 3. April 2015, the Economic policy Institute reported that,

In challenging conventional economic measurements are too short. At 14.5 percent, the unemployment rate of workers under 25 years was slightly more than twice the level of unemployment at 6.7 percent.

But in the modern labor market, which reduces the unemployment rate sharply under the weakness of employment. This is due to the existence of a large pool of “missing worker”(3.3 million adds at least 3 points), the potential of workers because of the weak employment nor actively seeking work.

In other words, people who are either working or looking for work, when the work was chances much stronger. Because unemployed workers is recognized as unemployed if they are actively looking for a job, this “missing worker” is not reflected in the unemployment rate.

Technology acceleration, and security of jobs is rapidly shrinking. It just doesn’t seem like the 20th century model, life is as reliable as they are used. In virtually every aspect of our life we make for the adoption of a new and better way of doing things, but when we are talking about how to make a living, we are still in the old way.

We live in the greatest on planet earth, but there are many people sitting, than cynical. I say get a clue, there is a huge difference between “3. – World-problems” and “1. World Problems.” People complain and whine about the trouble of the old sample, if the conclusion is obvious, leave it and make a new model, the new economy: entrepreneurship.

Because so much of our lives revolve around our work and how we our lives, many people think that there must be a better way.

The biggest challenge for our world today is not money but what to do with all involuntary unemployed. With all this change around us, people will be forced to make the changes in employment and lifestyle, but they are frozen in indecision, fearing new wrong career choice or you don’t have the right skills.

It’s time to face the truth: the industrial age is dead.

As a result, go to school, study, employment is almost always outdated idea. Steady wages and security from one employer anemic industrial age idea.


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