Retail Banking Trends in the Middle East in 2015


To call the market in the middle East with UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia – basic – is very special.

Customers in this area are used to get great service. Banks must take care of it.

One way to try to attract and satisfy customers, is to continually invest in the latest available technology on banking and the financial market.

More important than ever marketing point of view in relation to the market. Retail banks reporting the media need to attract customer’s attention. To get this try to become the new functions, and also implementing gadgets one step further than your competitors.

It can create amazing new app for smartphones or new features to facilitate your everyday Bank account maintenance.

Digital banking is surely one of the hottest topics in 2015, we can observe noticeable as the trend in the last 6 months of this year. Customers pay more and more attention to do everything on your smart phones to your mobile banking is also very important.

In addition to the interest in mobile banking banks in the middle East, preserving and increasing their network of brick and mortar stores in 2015.

The branches and especially the flagship stores of the brand are an important Ambassador. They should be modern and replete with the latest available technology under the hood and present visible to clients, the Bank intends the leader of the technology and innovation market.

Branches are also important for the private and wealth banking. These segments should be considered in a special way. The more customers the rich, the better the banks take care that she is happy.

The middle East is more important than in other regions, as we all know.

Even if we can observe, finding a global trend, “next big thing” to talk about big data, we can behave the observation that the region’s banks much to invest in this model for your clients to try to link them stronger at their brands differently filtered results big-data-flow.

One of the goals is to manage very comfortable, financial Affairs, through a simple and for the client.

An example of this concept is the way to open an account in Saudi Arabia. You just have to visit the branch and you’re done. This means that you will be able to open an account, and at the same time, the Bank will immediately withdraw your Bank card.

There is no need to wait for the letter or pick up a card later.

This can occur through a video teller machine, even 24/7. After KYC (Know your Customer) in some models of these machines card procedure immediately. The whole process can be supported by the remote teller connected with VTM on the videoconference technology.

Internet banking needs to be checked because it is not considered sufficiently easy to use compared to smartphone-based mobile banking in 2015. The application on the mobile device is to understand it is much easier and more convenient, and operate with classic Internet banking where you have to sit in front of the computer.

Banks in the middle East and acutely aware of the use of new technologies to keep customers happy and loyal to your brand.

Mobile, digital banking is used for new marketing methods. Beacon technology does not seem so interesting as expected. With the client device to penetrate, to help with various social channels is a combination of digital marketing.

A new generation of ATMs and VTMs have large screens that VTMs (video-ATMs) often offer two big screens ( 21″ – 22″ ), for digital signage, if there are no customers with you.

Video teller machines welcome to the middle East. It offers many new features, such as 24/7 remote teller enterprises banking, cross-selling of product specialists from banks-call-center. This means that they can be almost everywhere where banks operate, their VTMs.

To create video teller machines market in the middle East, fewer branches in 2015, the narrator.

This concept will definitely be used to quickly improve the branch balance banks, shopping malls and metro stations.

Another trend in the middle East providing Islamic Banking customers. It on the stove for several years, but still fashionable in 2015. The opening of other channels than the traditional can nowadays focus. It is a continuous process.



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