Cloud Computing: Advantages of Hosting Your Classes on the Cloud


According to leading market research giant Gartner and IDC, worldwide revenue from public it cloud provides to reach $72.9 billion in 2015, and nearly 14 thousand jobs created the world, until 2015. Thus, from the above statistics it becomes clear that cloud computing is the future model for organizations located in the direction of providing better service to their customers.

Schools, colleges and universities in different countries are already using various Cloud launch of services based on their classes or courses online. Moodle to use the most popular and free Learning management system and Cloud. Therefore, people of variable objects to use the platform for the creation and implementation of one or more classes as necessary.

Let’s discuss the benefits of hosting your classes to the cloud.

Log in from Any computer in the world

People who want their courses can log on to computer from anywhere around the world. In addition, there is no fixed time for your class catalogs, registration, etc. of Prospective students scrolling web pages and download the resources provided to you.

Reduces Costs

Cloud technologies help companies to save money. You do not need to install or download to use software or hardware, Cloud-based applications to work with their classes. An example is the way to save, as the Cloud of money in the E-Mail. Use Google mail service email for free shipping so many e-mails you want daily. You don’t need to pay for the license of software or the management of external staff salaries and to maintain the internal mail server.

High Degree Of Automation

Cloud platform or software automatiseret the work of the entire school or College administration; as such, it is not required manual intervention, to hire additional employees to manage tasks.

Increased Memory Capacity

Educational institutions can store more data in the cloud compared to private data storage on a computer system. You don’t need to install, all storage devices in your office, plus all the copies, etc., which were provided by the service provider to focus on their core business.

Better mobility and flexibility

Potential students can access all class related information and training materials wherever you are. Students can the computer registry access the portal from your home or office. You don’t need to spend time and money to travel to collect your office, class registration form. In addition, Cloud-based Services provide better support for users who are not in school, office building, because remote and mobile employees are already connected to the network.


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