4 Futuristic Car Technologies That Seem Like Science Fiction


In 2015, we are already used to being surrounded by gadgets that have seemed impossible 50 years ago. From inter-smartphones, to be fully functional robotics, we are on the threshold of technological revolution. For many of us, the driver, however, we are firmly rooted in the last generation, driving around in cars that have not changed much for many years except for some new bells and whistles. However, automotive technology, will radicalise how we ride and driving experience. Here are 5 that are guaranteed to impress each engine head.


In one place, that would have GPS technology, it seemed a million miles away from the true Atlas or road map, but today we are closer to who ever set with full navigation system in the windshield. This is displayed through various types of glass which shows various information to the driver in real time. It not only shows direction consulting, but the speedometer shows, Parking sensors, tachometer, fuel level and other aspects of the car, the computer. Using the touch controls that the driver is able to maintain control over every aspect of your car is from the screen, including air conditioning, radio, Windows and lights. Perhaps it is futuristic to increase capacity on sections of the road, so the driver can see obstacles in front more clearly. If implemented, it can help to improve the handling characteristics, but also the driver and passengers safer.

Solar Roads

Solar powered led street luminaires have the potential to change the world in such a way that many other technologies can only dream of. Designed to not only illuminate our streets and display dynamic information about the movement, but actually free electric cars wirelessly while driving. It will revolutionize how we turn into fuel for our cars and all automotive economy. So electric cars would become a real alternative to gasoline and diesel cars, and lead us in one direction of improving our carbon footprint through unexplainable amounts. Imagine your car is no longer for refueling, manually while driving on lit roads led! There are also plans to make the plate heats up, melts snow or ice which has accumulated on the led panel, the filter for water-treatment center for use in the water supply. However, there are some questions of how economically feasible these plans, and how roads are built and maintained. However, the port Sand, USA, will be the first city around the panel, setting them within the Parking lot.

Fully Autonomous Vehicles

It was a suggestion, for a long time, but in 2015, the exam fully Autonomous vehicles on public roads, finally. A recent report has suggested that by 2035, almost 75 percent of cars sold automatic control of vehicles. Google did in fact planning a reality within 5 years, so we can put the car faster than we are. Although we had to revolutionize components, such as automatic Parking, fully Autonomous cars, as our roads and highways. However, there were some initial problems; for example, Google’s attempt of the driver of the car can’t tell the difference between a stone and a piece of waste that has drifted into the road and then trying to go to both of them the same way. There are also some moral questions about how much he really improve road safety and if people really want to make your life in the hands of a computer program. However, in the future, where we are, in essence, the dangers that seem to be robots anyway, like something out of science fiction.

External Airbags

Many of us already have some form of accident on the road, sometimes worth a lot of money in repairs. This may all change if the external side airbags installed in the cars. Page hangs currently, about 40 percent of all road accidents, and we can see now, a sharp decrease in damage that caused the crash. Airbags are designed to implement, in 20 to 30 milliseconds and protects your vehicle from impact. It develops in addition to cameras, detects triggered the airbag should be. When you’re finished, this design can bring a more massive change in the field of road safety.


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